Ten Reasons to Add Kenya to Your Bucket List

Ten Reasons to Add Kenya to Your Bucket List

Kenya is a beautiful and diverse country famed for its distinct wildlife and nomadic tribes – read these ten reasons why you should add Kenya to your bucket list!

1) Amazing Weather

Much like its lively population the weather in Kenya is gorgeous, the days will be full of dazzling sunshine and the heat of the sun warms the skin.

Due to the geographic features of Kenya the weather will vary on area but generally Kenya has a rainy season and a dry season. Rainy season makes for tougher game viewing but it turns everything incredibly green and is actually the hotter time of the two seasons.

Dry season turns everything dry and brown making it a lot easier to spot animals and the weather is slightly cooler. You will need some warmer clothes for early mornings and evenings but will still be blessed with the hot sunshine throughout the day.

2) Friendly Locals

Kenyans are a vivacious group of people who are always eager to chat with visitors. They are proud of their country and love to hear about your experiences while visiting their nation.

Everywhere you go you will be greeted with Jambo and huge smiles, be sure to return the sentiment and the Swahili greeting.

3) Wildlife

Kenya’s major attraction and what the region is famed for is the remarkable wildlife. Kenya is home to many of the world’s most famous animals and you don’t even need to be on a safari to see them.

You can’t envision just how amazing it is watching animals in their natural environment going about their daily lives. It’s a once in a lifetime experience being so close to such remarkable animals and a privilege to observe animals especially the ones that possibly face extinction in our lifetime.

4) The Arts

Kenya seems to have limitless talent towards the arts, everywhere you look, you will find incredible art work that is finely crafted, sculptured or painted.

They are particularly famed for their gorgeous wood carvings (mostly bowls and animals) and their brightly coloured paintings that depict life in Kenya and the lives of the Maasai and Samburu tribes.

The talent doesn’t stop there, music and dance are embedded in this nation. Tribes all around Kenya have used music and dance to communicate and Kenyan music is as diverse as the many Kenyan tribes.

The complex sounds, the passion and the great beats will have you enthralled with every performance.

5) Stunning Beaches

The Coast Province of Kenya is a tropical paradise that feels like you’re in a completely different country. The coastal strip along the Indian Ocean is spectacular and vastly untouched. The pristine beaches are littered with seaweed, empty of sun loungers and stretch as far as the eye can see.

The only downside is the beach boys who are trying to make the hard sale all the way along the beach.

6) Cultural Diversity

When you think of Kenyan tribes undoubtedly the Maasai tribe will be the tribe you associate with Kenya. This tribe is famous worldwide for their rich culture and customs that they still adhere to today.

Unknown to many, Kenya is a huge melting pot of diversity with 42 different tribes identifying this county as their home. Each tribe has their own unique history, culture and language.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of modern civilisation and the influence of western powers many of these tribes have shed their tribal customs to adopt more of a western lifestyle, however they have retained their ethic languages and some of their native culture.

7) Breath-Taking Vistas

The landscapes in Kenya are truly remarkable and yet so varied. Throughout the region the topography changes frequently and at times you will think you are in a different country.

Not only does Kenya have the vast plains and plateaus that are synonymous with Africa they also have deep valleys, snow-capped mountains, gorgeous lakes and a strip of coastal land – all of which provide breath-taking views and postcard perfect pictures.

8) Diving

With warm weather and waters year around the Kenyan coast makes an excellent diving choice. It has some world class sites spread along the coast with a bunch of Marine National Parks scattered in for good measure.

Expect to see healthy corals, huge sea turtles, octopus and beautiful vibrant reef fish amongst other things.

9) Animal Conservation Projects

Kenya has a vast range of exciting conservation efforts, these program, reserves, sanctuaries and various initiatives work towards preserving, researching and protecting the incredible wildlife and biodiversity for generations to come.

There are so many exciting conservation efforts and many you can contribute towards. I would suggest doing research before visiting any of these projects as unfortunately not all of these conservation efforts are contributing as the claim to be.

10) Whale Sharks

This elusive fish is often the epitome of a divers bucket list.  These mysterious giants are highly migratory in the search of plankton in the ocean’s depths and during these solo missions are often spotted off the Kenyan coast.

If you are one of the lucky few you might be blessed to see one of these mammoth fish on a snorkelling or diving excursion particularly in Diani Beach.

So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket to Kenya for a trip of a lifetime!

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10 reasons to visit Kenya

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  1. To me, Beaches look incredible. I have been to almost a hundred of beaches in India but still the Kenya ones look so different and stunning in your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, Kenya has never been on my radar as a travel destination but perhaps it should be! Maybe you could write a post about where to stay and how to plan your trip?

    • Thanks for the suggestions! There are definitely more posts on the way, but I will keep these suggestions in mind. Thanks!

  3. SIGN ME UP!! I’ve been to Africa twice but not to Kenya (yet!). Your photos are gorgeous, and they make me want to hop on a plane right now to see this beautiful place myself.

  4. WOW! I really want to visit now. These pictures are incredible. And it’s always been one of my dreams to dive with whale sharks

  5. I never really thought about Kenya as a destination but now I am dying to go! I would love to see the wildlife and break taking beaches!

  6. I’m dying to go!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I would love to observe the wildlife and learn about the arts. Kenya is so cool!

  7. I haven’t been to anywhere on the continent of Africa, but I think Kenya will be my first! Is it easy to see the ground wildlife and then get to the beaches/ocean? I am a diver and would love to get to do both in one trip!

    • Africa is amazing, so many different places to explore. It’s a fair drive from the wildlife to the diving but definitely manageable. It took us around 4 hours from the our last National Park to the beach in Diani Beach.

    • I was hoping to see a whale shark but I didn’t get to see one 😫. One was spotted the day before I went diving so I had my hopes up a little 😂

  8. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how I haven’t been to the southern hemisphere yet, and he kept saying “There’s so much to see in Africa! You need to get there ASAP”. And then I see this post! Not that I didn’t already agree with him, but this just makes me even more convinced Kenya (and the rest of Africa) needs to move up on my trip-list.

    • Africa is such an awesome and diverse country. I always found it so fascinating! I’m sure you will love it!

  9. Wow! I never thought of visiting Kenya before! Those wildlife and beach pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing!!