Ten reasons to visit Central America

Ten reasons to visit Central America

Central America is a region that has something to offer all of its visitors.  Not only is it rich in culture and history it’s stunning tropical paradise that is famed for its adventurous activities.  While it is often overshadowed by its big brother South America it’s an amazing travel destination that has been overlooked for far too long.

Read ten reasons why you should make Central America your next travel destination!

1) Ancient Ruins

Ruins all around the world have stood the test of time and Mayan ruins are testament to this. Throughout the region you will be able to explore these lost ancient civilisations, their beautiful cities and discover theories surrounding why the Mayans deserted their dwellings.

2) Remarkable Sea-life

You don’t need to be a professional diver to take advantage of the captivating sea-life that Central America has to offer.  Not only will you be able to snorkel and dive in beautiful warm tropical waters, the visibility will allow you the chance to encounter fascinating corals, exotic fish and to swim with turtles, stingrays, sharks and even endangered manatees.

3) Colonial Architecture

With the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century, majority of Central America became colonised by the Spanish.  With this came colonial architecture, beautiful plazas and manicured gardens which are still evident throughout Central America today.

4) Great Hiking

Hiking in Central America is breath-taking with the opportunity to hike in a range of diverse settings and terrains.  Some of the hikes will need a guide but generally the tracks are well maintained and signposted.

5) Stunning Beaches

Every single country in Central America has a beach and the beaches are absolutely stunning! The beaches on the west coast are a little rougher and the water temperature is a little cooler due to the fact they belong to the Pacific Ocean.  Where the beaches on the east coast are typical Caribbean beaches with white sands, beautiful clear waters and plenty of tropical palm trees populating the fringe of the beach.

6) Vibrant Maya Culture

Maya culture is still well and kicking with this group of indigenous people still living in areas that their ancestors had inhabited before them.  While their culture has changed and evolved since their ancient civilisations existed, many have preserved their language and traditions and this evident through north of Central America.

7) Remote Islands

There are plethora of exotic islands located throughout Central America all enticing for different reasons.  Some islands are appealing due to their complete relaxation and break from technology while others are famed for their party scene.  Whatever island you are looking for there is no doubt you will be able to find it in Central America.

8) Active Volcanos

I bet you never thought it was possible to watch a volcano erupt without being in danger (I certainly didn’t think it was possible).  With over 100 volcanos located in Central America there is no shortage of volcano activity.  Incredibly enough you are even able to witness this activity up close.

9) The best vistas

The natural beauty of Central America really blows you away!  Everywhere you look there is lush green jungle, rainforests, enormous volcanoes and various plantations so no wonder the panoramas take your breath away.

10) Amazing Sunsets

I feel no holiday is complete without witnessing a sunset.  It’s one of those magical moments that we often don’t have time for in our day to day lives, yet we will make time for while on holidays.  Central America offers great backdrops for the dazzling colours that set the sky on fire.

It’s time for Central America to step out of the shadows and shine, it’s an amazing travel destination that has so much to offer.  I hope these ten reasons why you should visit Central America inspire you to add it to your bucket list.

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    • We didn’t experience any feelings of being unsafe or in danger. We also didn’t put ourselves in a position where we could of got ourselves in danger.

    • Hi Marsha, generally they apply to every country in Central America that I traveled to. Aside from Mayan culture and ruins these are only present in the north of Central America.