The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel – An African Paradise

The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel – An African Paradise

When you think of Kenya I’m sure luxury isn’t one of the first notions you dream up. However, the Kenyan coast is littered with stunning and luxurious properties that we could only dream of staying in (like if we won lotto). Overwhelmed by our choices and the various price brackets we were delighted when we stumbled across The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel or The Villa (as it’s affectionately known).

The Villa was the perfect mix for us, it’s a smaller boutique hotel with a classy and luxurious feel. The staff are friendly and helpful and we fell in love (no not with each other, with the hotel). It was the perfect end to our holiday after a busy five-day safari!

Location, Location, Location

The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel is located in Diani Beach off Beach Road.

Beach Road spreads down the coast with most hotels, restaurants and attractions hidden along this road behind a curtain of forest. As there is no centrally located hub in Diani Beach you will find almost everything is off Beach Road. Getting around is straight forward with everything accessible by foot or tuk-tuk.

For more information on local sights, attractions and eateries, keep an eye out for our Diani Beach guide coming soon.

The space at Villa Luxury Suites Hotel

The purpose-built villa is modern and stylish. Decorated with unique and commissioned art from all around Africa. The simple elegance is reflected throughout The Villa.

Set in luscious tropical gardens, the calmness and serenity of the property allow you to elude reality and slip in relaxation. The outdoor area is centred around a gorgeous azure pool and a cute beach area with an abundance of sun loungers. With many charming and cosy spaces to relax spread around the garden.

The owner also has many exciting plans in the pipeline. Currently in the development stages are plans for a luxurious five-star spa and a private beach for guests to enjoy.

The rooms at Villa Luxury Suites Hotel

Each of the twelve rooms at Villa Luxury Suites Hotel offer a slightly different décor, space and experience. All the rooms keep with the modern African theme, with each room adorned with different pieces of unique artwork. Our first room choice wasn’t available. Heart-broken not to be getting our own personal plunge pool we reluctantly choose a different room. (I know what you are thinking – first world problems at their finest and we totally agree).

This comprise worked to our advantage as I absolutely fell in love with our room. It was a huge room, with not only a double bed but a comfortable day sofa, a dining table and an enormous outdoor terrace.  The terrace made the room, it was a tranquil space that included a pair of sun lounges, an outdoor bath and a view of the villa’s garden and pool.

After sneaking a look at some of the other rooms unbiasedly we think the buffalo room is the room to request when making a booking. It was lovely and light, with a huge terrace that allowed you to enjoy the sun with some privacy.

The food at The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel

Set at the back of the garden the restaurant provides panoramic views of the gorgeous villa, pool and gardens. Unfortunately we found the food to be slightly disappointing. The food isn’t inedible and we didn’t have a bad experience, simply the quality and standard of the food doesn’t match the price you pay.

The included breakfast provided two options a full cooked or a continental breakfast. Being the fatties we are and deprived of pork products living in the UAE we opted for the full breakfast every morning. The sausages and bacon always hit the spot and it was an enjoyable breakfast (if you managed to get your eggs, how you asked for them).

The continental breakfast looked rather disappointing with one cereal option and milk. Regardless of the breakfast you ordered it would also be accompanied by a morning bakery surprise, some fruit, bread and butter and a drink selection of juice, tea and coffee. Our only suggestions to improve breakfast would be supplying water and a better selection of cereals and yogurt. These improvements would have elevated the breakfast to the quality expected in such a lovely hotel.

The a la carte menu was the disappointing aspect of our restaurant experience. The menu offers a mixed matched selection of different cuisines and the price aligns with other restaurants in the area. Unfortunately, the quality just doesn’t match the price.

Although we found the restaurant slightly disappointing it really didn’t affect our holiday. We both prefer to experience and try a variety of cuisines and restaurants when on holiday.

Our Verdict

The atmosphere at the villa is perfect for those looking to unwind, relax and kick back. The small occupancy means you can always take advantage of the charming spaces and pool. Also suited for anyone looking for stylish, modern accommodation with a luxurious feel without the hefty price tag. If, however, you’re after an experience that includes an ocean breeze and soaking up the rays from a sun lounger on the beach, you may find one of the beach front properties in the area more suitable.


The ambience of the villa is hard to surpass. It has a serene, relaxing vibe and it was just what we were looking for to finish our vacation.


Unfortunately, the food was a bit of a letdown for us. We would expect a higher standard of food from such a lovely hotel, however this didn’t affect our stay.

The essential info

The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel, Beach Road next to Colliers, Diani Beach +254 774 307 907, see

Rooms start from $140 USD per night and can be booked directly through their websiteor via

Free wifi is accessible all around the villa. Though the hotel doesn’t have all the amenities of larger hotel, they are able organise outside vendors to cater to nearly every need.

We have no affiliation to The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel, we just loved our stay and wanted to give you the heads up.  If you do decide to visit Diani Beach we have no doubt that you will be as impressed as we were.

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